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Anyone going to Vintage Days at Mid Ohio?

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  • Anyone going to Vintage Days at Mid Ohio?

    Anyone planning to go to vintage days at MidO to spectate or to race?

    I plan to race the Triumph in 600 SS and SB both days. Not sure if I will race the Yamaha R3. I believe the only class is F3 and it wouldn't be competitive...

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    I hope to be there with the RD350 in 70's Vintage Classic and 70's GP500 Sam, I don't think I will race STarz LW or GenX LW as they consider Triumph 900 and Ducati 900 'Lightweight' bikes... although I did beat a Triumph 900 2 years ago lol, and took 6th last year with the VTR250 Interceptor.
    Charlie the Chaplain


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      I hear Chuck Clay is going to spectate. He apparently doesn't ride anymore. I will be there on the SV (LWSS and LWSB) and on the EX500 (V5 and maybe V6)



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        Originally posted by dspaw View Post
        I hear Chuck Clay is going to spectate. He apparently doesn't ride anymore.
        Hey Chuck, is it true... you're not riding anymore?


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          Hey Dave, be good to see you out there! I am looking forward to Vintage Bike days at Mid-Ohio...
          ...waiting with baited breath to hear from Chuck also, perhaps his taste for adventure has waned to posting replies from his Laz-e Boy...


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            Looking forward to getting back to Mid Ohio and seeing some of the old gang - and hoping the weather is as nice as last year. I'll be pitted down by the tower, like last year.

            I was just joking about Chuck being retired - but he was giving me the "I'm too busy at work, maybe I'll come out to spectate" excuse. You know that's what people say as they slide into retirement. I say NO! - a mans got to keep his priorities in order!!!


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              Nice to see some of you missed me! I really have been busy opening a larger shop and my wife been sick off and on for 2 years......she contacted a bacterial infection from hernia surgery that damage her heart that required a heart valve but not before waiting on insurance to cover the heart valve she had a heart attack.
              Looking forward to seeing old friends and the new Nelson Ledges and you never know i may get the bug bike been in the corner since 2016 AMA Mid-Ohio vintage days.....sad thought!
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                I will be visiting this year...just booked flights back to Ohio for that weekend! It will be my first visit back to Mid O since winning my first #1 plate (should I say ONLY #1 plate) Lol! Looking forward to seeing everyone!



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                  I will not make it to Mid O this year... headed to Arizona for the weekend! Hope to catch up with Chuck, Bill, and the rest of the gang soon!